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    Auto Accident w/Ejection on Lignum Road/Jacobs Ford Rd on 5/19/16

    On May 19, 2016, RVFDRS was dispatched @ 1839 for an Auto Accident with Ejection on Lignum Road/Jacobs Ford Rd. The single vehicle was carrying six occupants (1 driver and 5 passengers) and went off the road at a high rate of speed and hit a tree. There were three occupants entrapped, one ejected, and two children involved in the crash. Ambulance 6-1, Medic 6-2, Wagon 6, Medic 12-1, Medic 12-2, Rescue 2, Engine 2, Pumper 1, Rescue Engine 1, CCSO, and VASP responded to the scene. A landing zone was established on Germanna Highway and ALL six patients were airlifted via AirCare 1, AirCare 2, Air ...

  • Auto Accident w/injuries Germanna Hwy/Ashland Farm Road on 5/11/2015

    On May 11, 2015, RVFDRS was dispatched @ 1220 for an Auto Accident with Injuries at Germanna Hwy/Ashland Farm Road. Dispatch stated it was a head on collision with a tractor trailer involving two vehicles. Dispatched also advised the callers stated both vehicles were on fire. Law Enforcement on scene advised the one vehicle was fully engulfed and the road was being shut down. Rescue 2, Tanker 2, Wagon 2, Response 12, Medic 12, Medic 12-1, and Ambulance 6-1 responded. ...

  • Outside Fire at Remington Mulch on 3/31/2015

    On March 31, 2015, RVFDRS was dispatched @ 1441 to assist with an Outside Fire at Remington Mulch Co. Caller stated the mulch was catching the trees on fire and the fire was off the roadway less than 50 feet. Four (4) members of RVFDRS responded in Tanker 6 and Brush 6. ...

  • Investigation for Fire Department at Halls Road on 4/16/2015

    On April 16, 2015, RVFDRS was dispatched @ 2042 for Investigation for Fire Department at Halls Road.  The caller stated that the grill had caught fire earlier and caused damage to the siding.  There was no fire or smoke at this time, but they wanted the Fire Department to investigate.  Ambulance 6-2, Wagon-6 and Support 6 responded to the call.  Upon arriving on scene, Wagon-6 found no evidence of fire or smoke.  After investigating, Wagon-6 stated the fire was contained to the back porch with no extensions in the attic.  Members cleaned up the back porch bef ...

  • Auto Accident with Injuries at Germanna Hwy/Yellow Bottom Rd on 3/25/2015

    On March 25, 2015, RVFDRS was dispatched @ 0315 for an Auto Accident with injuries at Germanna Highway and Yellow Bottom Road.  Dispatch stated it was a single vehicle accident with the vehicle off the roadway, in the embankment and heavily damaged with unknown injuries.  Support 6, Chief 6, Wagon 6, and Medic 12-2 responded.  Medic 12-2 transported one patient with injuries to the hospital. ...

  • Structure Fire at Lignum Road on 3/24/2015

    On March 24, 2015, RVFDRS was dispatched @ 1638 to a Fire in a House on Lignum Road.  The caller stated the bathroom vent fan caught fire and they could see flames.  Law Enforcement first on scene stated they did not see flames.  Upon inspection by fire crews it appeared the bathroom vent fan had burned up and after checking for extension found one roof truss burnt halfway through and another partially burnt through.  All occupants of the home had evacuated the property.  Wagon 6, Tanker 6, Brush 6, Ambulance 6-1, Medic 12, Orange 29, Engine 2 and P ...

  • EMS Training at RVFDRS on 2/13/2015

    On February 13, 2015, RVFDRS conducted monthly EMS training for its members.  Members learned about the LUCAS device.  RVFDRS would like to thank Co. 11 for the use of their device for our training.  The LUCAS device is an efficient and safe tool that standardizes chest compressions in accordance with the latest scientific guidelines.  It provides the same quality for all patients and over time, independent of transport conditions, rescuer fatigue, or variability in the experience level of the caregiver. By doing this, it frees up rescuers to focus on ...

  • Structure Fire at Madden's Tavern Road on 12/3/2014

    On December 3, 2014, RVFDRS was dispatched to a structure fire on Madden's Tavern Road. Crews were able to distinguish the fire which started in the basement.  Fourteen members from Co. 6 responded. Members from Co. 1, Co. 2, and Co. 29 assisted. ...

  • Structure Fire at White Rock Drive on 1/11/2015

    On January 11, 2015, RVFDRS was dispatched @ 0550 for a fire in the area of White Rock Drive. Upgraded to a field on fire with a fully involved two-story dwelling. RVFDRS was assisted by members of Culpeper Town, Remington, Brandy Station and Lake of the Woods. That same day at approximately 1130, RVFDRS was recalled to same address for a hollow cedar tree on fire. ...

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